AmbiGo! Mobile App

Ambient believes everyone should be able to participate in environmental monitoring. In the run-up to our token launch on Solana we will introduce our mobile app. AmbiGo! enables everyone to get rewarded for collecting environmental data and creating a dynamic and insightful map of the places we all visit every day.


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Every check-in and review helps Ambient create a map of the places where future sensors will provide the best monitoring opportunities across your cities. AmbiGo! rewards you for every action, rating, and question answered.

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We aim to evolve Ambigo! over time so you’ll be able to use your phone’s microphone and camera to provide insights into noise levels, light ambience and more.

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The more points you collect, the bigger the airdrop you’ll receive at a later date. And to make it more fun we’ve added a few surprises along the way, with daily magic prizes at locations near you.