We are Ambient

The world’s largest decentralized network of environmental sensors and ambient data.


Unveiling our token economy for Ambient Network - the blueprint powering our ecosystem for a healthier future and aligned incentives for all current and future participants.

Coverage Map

Explore the breadth of our global, hyperlocal, real-time environmental monitoring network and help identify where you can make a difference by contributing to our coverage.


Unlock a world of environmental insight through the Ambient Data API, offering unprecedented access to tens of thousands of air quality monitoring sensors over 20 countries.

Our mission

Empowering Global Environmental Insights

We empower individuals and organizations worldwide to make significant impacts on environmental decisions and drive positive change at scale. Ambient rewards participation in the world's largest network of environmental sensors, fostering actionable, real-time, and hyperlocal insights generated by its community.

Development Roadmap

Q2 2024: Birth of Ambient

- AmbiGo! Launch
- Tokenomics
- Migration Incentive Plan
- Token on Solana Testnet

Q3 2024: Landing on Solana

- Token Deployment on Solana Mainnet
- Reward Engine
- Rebranded Mobile App
- New Explorer and My Sensor Dashboard
- Token and License + Sensor NFT's Swap
- Beta Storefront

Q4 2024: Network Growth

- Sensor Storefront Relaunch
- Onboarding and UX Journey improvement
- Network Growth Initiatives
- Enterprise and Data Dashboard Roadmap
- Lite Paper

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